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5 Shocking Animal Attacks on Human Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

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5 Shocking Animal Attacks on Humans Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


In a world where the human race is constantly shaping and changing the natural landscape, sometimes nature likes to express its displeasure for our misdeeds. And these forces do not always take the form of lethal hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes. A couple times a year we hear tales of humans dying in the clutches of an animal. Years of training goes against thousands of generations of animal instinct, and instinct almost always wins. Here are some of the more brutal attacks that have ever been recorded.

5) Rocky the Bear

Rocky is a large brown grizzly bear that has been trained to work with humans. If you’ve ever seen Will Ferrell’s movie, Semi-pro, then you have seen Rocky wrestle Ferrell’s character in a boxing match during one scene. When Rocky is not out doing promotional stuff, he lives on a large ranch. One day a man named Stephan Miller decided to visit Rocky and propose a business opportunity to Rocky’s trainer. He suggested that Rocky participate in a commercial with Miller. After the arrangements were made, Stephan wanted to take photographs with Rocky. The trainer got the bear to stand up beside Miller. But Rocky misread the situation and thought he was supposed to wrestle. He attacked Miller, biting into the man’s neck.


4) White Tiger

The National Zoological Park in central Delhi is a large and popular attraction. One day, 19 year old Maqsood visited the zoo with his wife and children. He saw the tigers and the lions and was immediately transfixed. Maqsood lost his job shortly after. Instead of going to look for employment elsewhere, he began to spend all of his free time at the zoo, watching the lions and tigers go about their day. One day, his love of them became overbearing. He climbed over the two feet concrete wall of the tiger habitat and peered over the ledge. Unfortunately, Maqsood lost his balance and fell fifteen feet into the tiger enclosure. Moments later, a white tiger named Vijay appeared, and trailed over to where Maqsood crouched in fear. Vijay spent several moments smelling and swiping at the young man as he pleaded or prayed against the wall. Staff members of the zoo tried to attract Vijay’s attention on the other side of the enclosure with meat and crackers, but to no avail.


3) Rage of the Elephant

This video comes from Kerala, India. The community was rallied together for a festival. The festivities included a couple of elephants that the villagers rode in the streets. Somewhere off camera, an elephant is attacked or somehow provoked by a human, and another elephant witnesses the altercation. Enraged at the mistreatment of its companion, the elephant begins to react. It shakes its passengers off, and goes after his handler. As others run around in fear, the elephant put all his concentration on his handler. The elephant grabs the man with his ginormous mouth and tosses the man through the air. The elephant does this over and over again, until the handler is limp in his mouth. Festival goers watched in horror as the elephant slowly killed his handler, but nobody was certain whether or not the man was conscious at that point.


2) Crocodile Death Roll

This video is of a stunt man in Thailand, about to put on the show of his life. The young man works with crocodiles, and is known for performing a very popular trick. The crocodile opens its mouth up wide, and the man is supposed to reach into the crocodile’s mouth and tap the bottom jaw—causing the croc to snap its jaw shut seconds after the man darts his hand away.In the video, the stuntman is working with this Siamese


1) Golden Eagle

The last video takes place in a large park during a crisp autumn day. The man recording the video is snapping footage of the golden eagles circling above the park. Nearby a man is enjoying a stroll in the park with his toddler and a stroller-ridden baby. The man recording the birds watches as a golden eagle circles low and begins to rapidly descend towards the park. Within seconds the eagle is feet from the ground, and wraps its talons around the toddler, who was sitting on the grass. The man recording captures it all, and is dumbstruck.


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